Kay Knapp

2013 Shows Coming Soon


I have been teaching for over 35 years. Here are a few of my seminar pieces. You can also check for more in the China Decorator. Here are the dates:

July 1978 Fox
April 1979 Lapwing
August 1979 Snow Leopard
January 1980 Tiger
February 1981 Snow Owl
February 1983 Walking Tiger
September 1983 Hawk (Harpy Eagle)
March 1987 Roses with Butterflies
August 1993 Leopard on a Box
May 1999 Yellow and Pink Roses
November/December 1999 Tiger and Snow Leopard on a Stein
January/February 2001 Pansies
March/April 2001 Wild Roses
January/February 2002 Heart Box with Roses
January/February 2003 Wild Roses
January/February 2007 Blue Hydrangeas

I teach flowers, birds, fruit, and techniques. The techniques include incising, marbling, grounding, China Mist and different ways to do box bottoms. I am well known for my willingness to share my experience and product information. I charge $300.00 a day plus moderate travel and lodging. If you can coordinate your seminar dates with my show dates, you may reduce or save your travel cost.

You may contact Kay Knapp by phone: 760-363-7361