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Tips from Kay Knapp


  1. Kay Knapp's colors can be fired to .014 or .012.

    Try them and don't be afraid. Colors are being manufactured to fire hotter than they were years ago. The glaze is also harder than in previous years. Our china paints have to be fired hotter for them to sink into the glaze. If not, the colors will just sit on the top and be dull. In time the paint will wear or wash off. A good rule of thumb: If your china has to be sanded after coming out of the kiln, you are not firing hot enough. Just look at your sander and see all the paint you have sanded off because it wasn't fired hot enough to sink into the glaze.

    See Orton Cones: (http://www.kayknapp.com/Details.asp?ProductID=183)

    or Orton Bars: (http://www.kayknapp.com/Details.asp?ProductID=182)

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