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  1. Tips for Using China Mist
    • Do not hold the can too close to your china. Hold the can upright at least 8 inches away from your piece. Holding the can too close will cause excessive color or a small round.
    • Directions for firing are on the outside of each can. Most colors fire best at .016 or .017.
    • Store cans upright and shake very well before using. If you donít shake the can at least two minutes or hold the nozzle down all the way, this may cause white spots to appear.
    • Clean the nozzle with denatured alcohol. I use an old stiff brush to get into the hole inside of the nozzle.
    • China Mist dries very quickly. If you donít like what youíve sprayed, use a dry cloth to wipe it off and start over. Any overspray can be wiped away with a dry cloth.
    • All the wonderful cutout and embossed china that we are able to get is beautiful but hard to paint. China Mist is perfect for this.
    • For large pieces, you will be able to fill in around the edge to finish a plate in minutes. It will be smooth and even, and it wonít chip.
    • Pecan China Mist sprayed over liquid bright gold will give it a matte look.
    • China Mist can be used over Base for Raised Gold. After firing you can apply your gold or silver and fire your piece again.
    • It is better if you finish painting your piece before using the China Mist. By doing this you will be able to remove any color if you donít like it or if you made a mistake. You will also be able to remove any overspray that has gotten on your center of interest. Leave the overspray on the back leaves and flowers. This will help to push them into the background.
    • Grounding with China Mist is snap. Allow the color to dry between coats. Keep spraying the color until you get it as dark as you want. It will not chip off.
    • If you damage the sprayed area in any way, simply wipe it off and re-spray.
    • The special effects you can achieve are limited only by your own imagination. For example, you can use a spider web as a mask for an overspray. This looks great over fruit.

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