Kay Knapp

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About Kay

Kay's career as a renowned porcelain artist and teacher spans almost 30 years. Her work is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. She has published many articles in the China Painter and Porcelain Artist magazines. Her articles are noted for their practical, systematic approach. Her seminars use the same approach. She doesn't believe in keeping her expertise and techniques to herself.

Every year, Kay travels many thousands of miles in her motor home to participate in porcelain artist shows and give seminars. Attendees eagerly seek out her advice on supplies and techniques, because they know she will not recommend anything she has not personally proven effective. When, for example, a paint manufacturer switches to an inferior formula, she has and will withdraw a paint from the market. Her customers know that if Kay recommends a product she will stand behind it.

Kay is constantly testing new products. When she releases a new product, her customers are eager to try it. One reason for this is that she paints demonstration pieces that show how effective the product or technique can be. In addition to bringing new products to market, Kay often buys estate merchandise, often including rare or unusual china, studies by noted artists, and hard-to-find books. So there's often a rush to Kay's booth when a porcelain artist show opens.

One unusual thing about Kay: She almost never sells her work. She usually keeps it to use in teaching others. Once in a while, she gives away a piece as a token of her appreciation. If you receive such a gift, hang on to it. It's a rare treasure.

Over the years, Kay has made thousands of friends around the United States because of her belief that helping others comes back to you with interest. She says it has, many times over. Kay lives in a small town near Palm Springs, CA. When her bridge partner, Patrick, can lure her away from her craft, she works hard at helping him become a Life Master.